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Screening of the Documentary- The Land of Ahimsa

October 9, 2023 @ 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm CDT

I would like to screen a documentary that I have produced titled The Land of Ahimsa. I am the granddaughter of Chagganlal Joshi who was a freedom fighter alongside Mahatma Gandhi and fought for Independence and Social Justice.

“The Land of Ahimsa” is a feature length documentary that follows Dolly Vyas-Ahuja on her journey to veganism. Dolly narrates and produces the film, alongside Bollywood actor Aryeman, who directs.

“The Land of Ahimsa” will strive to inspire and encourage the people of India to adopt a vegan way of life by showing them how easy it is. Indians are waking up to the truth that all animals are intelligent species and deserve a chance to live.  Veganism is steadily growing all around the world as countries are recognizing the impact on climate and health. India must rise up and position itself as a leading country in the plant-based movement as well as put into practice “Ahimsa” which means non violence to all living beings.

Throughout the film, we interview plant-based doctors, athletes, Animal Activists, entrepreneurs, and visit sanctuaries to illustrate the importance of “Ahimsa” in action in India with the hope this will resonate across the globe. We demonstrate how by rising to the true meaning of the word, we are able to create a non-violent world which will relieve suffering of all living beings, improve our health and wellness, and allow us to live in a clean environment.

The film follows Dolly as she returns to her homeland after having discovered the power of “Ahimsa” through her transition to a vegan lifestyle. She relates her experience to that of her grandfather, who was a Freedom fighter who marched alongside Gandhi to liberate India from British rule.  Similarly, the film shows her strength in fighting for justice of all beings through the Animal Liberation March. She uses her own voice to expose the truth about the cruelty of the Dairy Industry by educating others through her presentations at various events throughout India and the US.

We will show viewers how accessible it is to put “Ahimsa” into their daily lives.  After watching the film we hope viewers will feel motivated to choose peace over violence and fight against injustices. Additionally, we hope to inspire viewers to seek the truth and challenge industries and corporations that make money from lying and deceiving consumers and profit from killing sentient beings.

Why is this film important?

“The Land of Ahimsa” will encourage Indians, as well as viewers all around the world, to practice “Ahimsa”, non-violent behaviors. This will greatly transform the state of the country and return it back to the peaceful place it once was. Inspiring viewers to adopt a vegan lifestyle will benefit their health and wellness, the state of the environment, and will reduce the unnecessary suffering of animals. Watching the film will make viewers feel motivated and empowered to change the world starting with the food they eat to the way they treat others.  Everyone has an inner activist who seeks truth and justice and this film will hopefully bring out this inner voice.



October 9, 2023
5:00 pm - 7:30 pm CDT


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