Hindu History and Legacy Webinar – HHM VHPA/HMPC program

Online Event

Join us for an interesting discussion on how to incorporate the Hindu History and Legacy into the Temple Schools and Balvihars. The skewed, incorrect narrative that is rampant in current times, about what Hinduism means, is having an impact in a multitude of Hindu homes, causing a disconnect between parents and their children. On a […]

Blood Donation Drive

VHPA(Houston) and Hanuman Mandir of Greater Houston organizes blood donation drive at United Way of Waller county, 531, FM 359 Rd S ,Brookshire ,TX 77423


Closing Ceremony – Hindu Heritage Month

Online Event

Second generation Hindus will conduct the closing ceremony for the Hindu Heritage Month 2021. The program will not only reprise the accomplishments of HHM 2021 but will also layout the vision for next year and beyond. The active role played by the second generation Hindus at this event is a way to announce to the […]

Hindu Canada Forum

Billboards across metropolitan Toronto to celebrate Hindu Heritage Month

Annual Ganesha Festival

National Stadium National Stadium, Bangkok, Bangkok

Vishwa Hindu Parishad Association, Thailand Presents 15th Ganesha Festival Bangkok On 3-4 September 2022

World Bindi Day

First day of Navratri we want to celebrate World Bindi Day.