Everything you want to know about the Hindu Heritage Month

What is Hindu Heritage Month?

  • Launched in 2021, the Hindu Heritage Month is a global coming together of Hindus every year during the month of October to celebrate their rich heritage and to foster unity among their diverse communities.

Why October?

  • October was chosen as it typically hosts an array of festivals celebrated by the diverse communities per their Hindu calendars e.g., Navaratri, Dusshera and Deepavali.


  • Provide a common global platform to showcase our richly diverse Hindu heritage.
  • Increase awareness of Vedic practices and their core principle that we are all Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam or members of Mother Earth’s family.
  • Educate society via webinars, conferences and dialog and foster better understanding of Hindus.

How to register your event?

  • Click on “Event” and follow the link to register your organizational or individual celebration(s).

How to become a partner?

  • Click on “Register as a Partner” and follow instructions to register.
  • Once registered your logo will be featured in the Partners section.
  • Expect volunteer-speed from registration to display!

What does this site provide?

  • One calendar showcasing all global Hindu Heritage Month Celebration details.
  • One canvas to share organizational and personal sentiments as well as multimedia memories of celebrations each year.
  • One channel to collect, curate and  promote media coverage from around the world.

What are some suggested themes?

  • Sanskar – Individual, family or organizational events that uphold Hindu traditions and values.
  • Seva– Initiatives that embody the fundamental Hindu principle of sharing the best of what we have with everyone.
  • Suprachar– Efforts focussed on education and advocacy of Hinduism and issues that impact us.

Suggested celebration Ideas.

  • Cultural programs or competitions by and for the young and the young at heart e.g., music, dance, chanting, Rangoli, vegetarian cooking, Yogasana, Kabadddi, Kho-kho highlighting healthy, spiritually uplifting and eco-friendly nature of our culture.
  • Walk-a -Thon, cleaning drives, adopt-a-road, food drives, organ and blood donations drives to promote Hindu values at grassroots level.
  • Webinars, online discussion panels, addresses by respected thought leaders and government figures.
  • Businesses of all sizes can launch promotional for Hindu Heritage Month sales.
  • Discourses, VedicYajnas guided and temple visits by Hindu acharyas to educate all about our Dharma,.
  • Proudly and respectfully display and promote Dharmicsymbols and attire e.g., TilakBindiSwastikaOm
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