Everything you want to know about the Hindu Heritage Month

What is Hindu Heritage Month?

  • Launched in 2021, the Hindu Heritage Month is a global coming together of Hindus every year during the month of October to celebrate their rich heritage and to foster unity among their diverse communities.

Why October?

  • October was chosen as it typically hosts an array of festivals celebrated by the diverse communities per their Hindu calendars e.g., Navaratri, Dusshera and Deepavali.


  • Provide a common global platform to showcase our richly diverse Hindu heritage.
  • Increase awareness of Vedic practices and their core principle that we are all Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam or members of Mother Earth’s family.
  • Educate society via webinars, conferences and dialog and foster better understanding of Hindus.

How to register your event?

  • Click on “Event” and follow the link to register your organizational or individual celebration(s).

How to become a participant?

  • Click on “Register as a Participant” and follow instructions to register.
  • Once registered, your information will be reviewed by the organizing committee. Upon approval, your logo will be featured in the Participants section.
  • Please note that it may take up to 24 hours from the time of registration for your logo to appear in the Participants section.

What does this site provide?

  • Download logo for participant organizations to use during their events.(Note: The logo is provided to our registered participants as a cost-free license to use only for the events that are registered on our website. The license to use can be revoked for organizations or events that are deemed unacceptable by the Organizing Committee).
  • One calendar showcasing all global Hindu Heritage Month Celebration details.
  • One canvas to share organizational and personal sentiments as well as multimedia memories of celebrations each year.
  • One channel to collect, curate and  promote media coverage from around the world.

What are some suggested themes?

  • Sanskar – Individual, family or organizational events that uphold Hindu traditions and values.
  • Values – Norms that embody the fundamental Hindu principles and practices
    • Pluralism and Inclusiveness
    • Reverence for knowledge
    • Strong Family Structure
    • Ahimsa – Non-violence towards all (human, animals, nature), eco-friendliness
    • Seva – Charity and selfless service
  • Education– Efforts focussed on education and advocacy of Hinduism and issues that impact us.

Suggested celebration Ideas.

  • Celebrations of popular festivals by organizations or families & friends – Navaratri, Ras/Garbha, Durga Puja, Vijaya Dashmi, Deepawali, Gita or Ramayana Paath, Yajna
  • Cultural programs or competitions by and for the young and the young at heart e.g., music, dance, chanting, Rangoli, vegetarian cooking, Yogasana, Kabadddi, Kho-kho highlighting healthy, spiritually uplifting and eco-friendly nature of our culture.
  • Walk-a -Thon, cleaning drives, adopt-a-road, food drives, organ and blood donation drives to promote Hindu values at grassroots level.
  • Webinars, online discussion panels, addresses by respected thought leaders and government figures.
  • Businesses of all sizes can launch promotional sales for Hindu Heritage Month.
  • Discourses, VedicYajnas guided and temple visits by Hindu acharyas to educate all about our Dharma,.
  • Proudly and respectfully display and promote Dharmic symbols and attire e.g., TilakBindiSwastikaOm
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