Calling Sanatanis — The Everlasting Hindu

It is the call of the times that the world wake up to what is Hinduism, what is Sanatana — the everlasting truth that makes Hinduism what it is, that makes Sanatanis who they are. A faith and a belief so ancient, so rooted, and yet so inclusive, that it is difficult to find a match for them anywhere in the world. The Hindu Heritage Month to be celebrated all across the US and Canada this October seeks to showcase just that. It represents our ethos, our traditions, our philosophy of Hinduism, which is not merely a religion, certainly not Abrahmanical, but a holistic way of life. One that has withstood centuries of violent domination and subjugation, to time and again rising from the ashes to resurrect itself over and over. And that is what the everlasting Sanatana is. It’s just who we are.

Hinduism continues to be attacked. From forces fanatic and diabolical. Earlier from plunderers and pillagers and while that remains even today as factions of barbarians who choose to shun reform and continue to behave animalistic like centuries back, but also from a new enemy — that of the Islamic-Communist nexus which pretends to be educated and modern and is backed by money power that defies any sense. And they have one common target — Hindus and Hinduness.

This is a relevant time — a critical one — because this event comes when these two main forces, both of which are radical, intend to control the world order and finish those liberal democracies that are thriving. It is now that thinking liberal democracies and political systems wake up to the fact that this is a danger that is at their doorstep and if they do not want to be swallowed whole like a python its prey, they need to take cognisance and be alert and, most importantly, unite to fight the common enemy. It’s not the time to be complacent anymore.

All those aligned with the dharmic value system need to join forces to fight this onslaught in myriad ways. This Hindu Heritage Month is a welcome step in the right direction by a group that needs to be lauded for the initiative, especially now when we hear of the ‘Dismantling Global Hindutva Conference’ that is to be held soon. Being talked about and criticised the world over, it is a true picture of what this unholy alliance of Islamists and communists is all about. Their vicious intent needs to be stopped now and that is only possible when Hindus realise that this is a war against them. That they need to come together as a whole and fight as one against this combine. That they realise that their deep, cultural ethos is the one thing that keeps them united and strong and it will prove to be a formidable strength in this fight and that is what will make them win. These attackers know that a fragmented society, liberal democracy or not, is easy prey. And this conference seeks to attack, divide and target Sanatanis all over the world and not just in India. It is a potent offensive against us as a culture and a civilisation.

Which is why this initiative of the Hindu Heritage Month is so needed to unify all Hindus on the one hand and instil pride and oneness in us all over the world on the other. To create cohesiveness in thought, which will automatically translate into a forum that fights against these forces who are basically our enemies and nothing else. From this Hindu Heritage Month should emerge a World Hindu Global Unification Organisation. There should be a concerted effort to utilise this month as a unification drive and go forward to show the world what true Hinduism is all about.

This is a world today that is seeing the re-emergence of the dangerous Taliban, which even the US alone could not suppress and defeat. Enough said that this should teach us that this fight is not anyone’s alone. It is the call of the times that all liberal democracies and religious systems need to protest in one voice against the Islamisation of countries and takeovers by communists to bring in a new world order that only serves their purpose.

If we need a liberal democracy to nurture us, we must fight united to retain it.

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