Dharmic Organizations Invited to Partner in Hindu Heritage Month Celebrations in October – IndiaWest, May 11, 2022

India-West Staff Reporter

SUGAR GROVE, IL – After the resounding success last year of the Hindu Heritage Month (HMM) and the celebrations surrounding it, Dharma-based organizations across North America, have once again come together to facilitate the showcasing of the diversity and richness of Hindu civilization in October 2022.

Dr. Jai Bansal, Vice President of Education, World Hindu Council of America, and one of the organizers, noted that last year’s Hindu Heritage Month “was a pivotal event for the Hindu diaspora.” More than 110 organizations across the US and Canada, as well as some from the UK, South Africa, and Thailand had joined hands in celebrating their shared heritage. “If 2021 was primarily an American phenomenon,” he said, “the 2022 Hindu Heritage Month will be a truly global phenomenon.”

The Hindu Heritage Month, just as in 2021, will be celebrated over the entire month of October. Those invited to participate include not just Hindus but all in the Dharmic fold –Buddhist, Jain and Sikh. “The timeless wisdom of Hindu dharma is equality, inclusivity, hope, happiness, and liberation. This is the message of the HHM. This is the inspiration the world needs today to thrive,” said Dr. Ajay Shah, President of the World Hindu Council of America

Organizers said the month-long festivities will be based on the “open source” model, with each participating organization free to do the programming of their choice. The event could be held in-person or online and could be in the form of theater, music, dance, fashion show, webinars, or walkathons – in short as diverse as Hindu civilization itself, a press release said.

The Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh’s National Executive Director, Siddhesh Shevade announced that his organization will hold Vijaya Dashami celebrations in 40 metro cities in the United States and, continue serving local communities in 200 cities with food drives.

Seeing the educational potential of the HMM initiative, Arnav Kejriwal, President of the Hindu Student Council noted, “We are delighted to watch students grow this educational and celebratory effort by the entire Hindu community on campus and in schools.”

Hindus represent one of the newest and the fastest-growing immigrant communities in the US and Canada. Backed by rock-solid family structure and love for education, they are fully integrated into North American society, enriching it not only with outstanding professional contributions but also with its rich cultural heritage.

Any organization that wishes to participate in the HHM celebration is requested to register as a partner on our website: www.hindumonth.org.