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Vedic Book Fair

September 23, 2023 @ 9:00 am - 4:00 pm EDT

Vedic Friends Association Presents the Grand Vedic Hindu Book FairAn Exploration of Ancient Wisdom and Mind-Body Enlightenment

Atlanta, Sep 23rd, Oct 1st – The Vedic Friends Association is thrilled to unveil the upcoming Vedic Hindu Book Fair, a remarkable event dedicated to honoring and exploring the profound wisdom of the Vedas and ancient Vedic texts. This fair promises to be a unique and enlightening experience that brings together scholars, enthusiasts, and seekers of knowledge from around the world.

The Vedic Hindu Book Fair will take place on Sep 23rd in Fowler Park Recreation Center Cumming and Oct 1st in Global Mall, Norcross. This grand event will serve as a platform to showcase the timeless teachings, philosophy, and cultural heritage encapsulated in the Vedas, connecting the dots between ancient wisdom and modern practices. Attendees can expect a wide array of activities, including:

Keynote Addresses by Renowned Scholars: Distinguished Vedic scholars and experts will deliver thought-provoking talks on various aspects of Vedic philosophy, spirituality, and the relevance of Vedic teachings in the modern world, providing insights into the mind-body connection and holistic well-being.

Book Launches and Exhibitions: The fair will host book launches of new publications centered around Vedic studies, including titles that explore the intersection of Vedic knowledge with Yoga and mindfulness practices. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore and acquire these valuable resources. An exclusive book exhibition will also showcase a curated selection of Vedic literature, offering a journey into the heart of ancient wisdom.

Vedic Competition for Mindful Living: Engaging competitions for youth will encourage the Vedantic philosophy, emphasizing the importance of mind-body balance and spiritual growth.

Networking and Community Building: The Vedic Book fair will bring together like-minded individuals passionate about Vedic wisdom, Yoga, and the mind-body connection. It\’s a space for fostering connections, friendships, and shared experiences that empower personal transformation.

\”We are excited to present the Vedic Book Fair as an opportunity for individuals to immerse themselves in the timeless wisdom of the Vedas and discover how these teachings can enrich our lives today,\” said Belly Tilman, President of the Vedic Friends Association.

The Vedic Friends Association extends an open invitation to scholars, students, seekers, and the general public to partake in this illuminating journey into the world of Vedic knowledge, Yoga, and holistic well-being.

For more information, about the Vedic Book fair, please visit www.tinyurl.com/VFBProgram. To register for the competition events please visit www.tinyurl.com/VFABookFair2023-Competition

About Vedic Friends Association: The Vedic Friends Association is dedicated to the preservation, study, and dissemination of Vedic wisdom. Through various initiatives, events, and collaborative endeavors, the association strives to make the profound teachings of the Vedas accessible to a global audience, promoting holistic well-being, Yoga, and the mind-body connection as integral parts of Vedic knowledge.


September 23, 2023
9:00 am - 4:00 pm EDT


4110 Carolene Way
4110 Carolene Way
Cumming, GA 30040 United States
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