Source: October is Hindu Heritage Month. Here’s why Apu of ‘The Simpsons’ would have approved! » RNS Religion News Service | Author: Richa Gautam

“Hindu! There are 700 Million of us!”

This was Apu Nahasapeemapetilon’s slightly indignant reply when a Reverend identifies all Homer’s neighbors by major religions but fails to remember Apu’s faith.

The Simpsons never shies from tackling major social issues and Apu’s quip above is also a telling social reality regarding the low level of awareness about Hinduism as a religion and as a culture.

Arguably, the height of cancel culture was when Apu was taken off air.

The producer Mr. Shankar who has an ear to the ground, related his understanding of the issue, ‘When a lot of people hear ‘The Problem with Apu’ (2017 documentary by Hari Kondabolu) they roll their eyes, ‘there is no problem with Apu, it’s these millennials, they’re out of control.’ No one asked the average Indian American what he thought of Apu, who was their sole voice on TV, for a very long time.

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