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IndiaWest Journal – July 26, 2022

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July 26, 2022


Hindu Heritage Month Invites all Dharmic organizations to Join the October Event


SUGAR GROVE, IL – Organizers of the second annual Hindu Heritage Month celebrations said the response they had received, after the announcement of the event being held in October, had been immensely supportive.

Rutvij Holay, California Coordinator, Hindu Policy Research and Advocacy Collective, and an organizer of HMM said with excitement, “We have Hindus all the way from Indonesia to Norway who are ready to participate, and I’m excited to see what the 2022 HMM will bring.”

Calling for the momentum to be kept up, Dr. Jai Bansal, Vice President of Education, World Hindu Council of America, said that the website was now live and active for organizations to register themselves as partners.

Echoing Bansal’s sentiments, Amitabh Mittal, General Secretary, World Hindu Council of America said, “I encourage our brothers and sisters in Dharma to spread the message of Hindu Heritage Month around the world.”

The Hindu Heritage Month (HMM) event aims to facilitate the showcasing of the diversity and richness of Hindu civilization, and for this, has called on Dharmic organizations across the globe to join in the effort.

Among those signing on as partners is the Coalition of Hindus of North America (CoHNA). Its President, Nikunj Trivedi said, “CoHNA is excited and honored to join the Hindu Heritage Month and looks forward to celebrating our beautiful heritage with Hindus from all walks of life. HHM is an excellent time to showcase our heritage and contributions to society and remove misconceptions about us as people.”

The McGill Dharma Society at McGill University in Montreal has also signed on as a partner. Its Co-Presidents, Nancy Kaul and Shreya Mahesenan, while echoing the sentiments of the others, said their hope was “to especially emphasize and promote inclusivity through the concept of family.”

The month-long festivities will be based on the “open source” model, with each participating organization free to do the programming of their choice. The event could be held in-person or online and could be in the form of theater, music, dance, fashion show, webinars, or walkathons – in short as diverse as Hindu civilization itself.

Hindus are among the fastest-growing immigrant communities in the US and Canada. Known for their rock-solid family structure and love for education, they continue to enrich society with outstanding professional contributions and rich cultural heritage.

Any organization that wishes to participate in the HHM celebration is requested to register as a partner at:


Contact information

Dr. Jai G. Bansal, VP Education – World Hindu Council of America (VHPA)

200 New Bond Street, Sugar Grove, IL 60554, USA




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